A warm welcome to both existing and new customers. As you are well aware we are currently in a state of lockdown until mid February. Whether the lockdown indeed ends at this point we do not yet know.

As a result we have had to change the way that the shop works. We continue to be open 11am-4pm 7 days a week at present. The shop has had a false counter by the door put in place. We are happy to pick and pack any items you may need to be able to successfully be able to keep your animals healthy. We are not open for browsing and remain closed for general browsing for the foreseeable future. We simply must safeguard staff from COVID-19 so that we can keep the shop open uninterrupted during the pandemic.

Livestock sales are being dealt with as a distance buyer. This means animals are prepaid for collection only. Walk in sales of animals will not be allowed. We are currently not offering appointments for animals sales like we were in Tier 2 as it simply is not appropriate.

Normally Snakes ‘N’ Adders as a team would be more than happy to discuss your new pet or additional pet at full length but this simply isn’t possible at the moment. No one laments this more than ourselves. We particularly miss our interactions and encouragement of our younger keepers.

Thankfully we have a robust set of guide videos in excess of 200 published and more on the way. These can be found on YouTube by searching for Snakes ‘N’ Adders. It isn’t ideal but it is vastly more than any other shop in the Yorkshire area (potentially the whole of the UK) can offer.

Live foods set delivery days are Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. When demand is high we can also receive items on Saturdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Live foods are priced at £2.50 per tub or 3 tubs for £6.00. The regular deliveries ensure you are getting fresh live foods of the highest quality.

As well as selling frozen foods individually we can also offer bulk discounts for our breeder friends.

The shop has seen unprecedented demand since March 16th when our false counter was put in place. This has put the team at the shop under ever increasing pressure. As a result the best way to contact us is to ring the store between 11am-4pm. Sometimes we are so busy there is simply no feasible way of replying to all private messages. If potential keepers are making serious enquiries we would urge you to do so over the phone 01142658299.

Our livestock list and website listings are updated every Monday. Depending upon work load this may be before lunch but will usually be by 2-3pm in the afternoon. The closer you are to Monday the more likely the animals are to still be in stock. If you need to enquire about availability please do so by phone 01142658299.

For at risk customers who may be shielding either because of their health or the health of a loved one we are trying to accommodate a local delivery service within 5 miles radius of the shop. If it is in excess of this we may make a small charge for fuel.

Thank you for choosing to follow and / or shop with Snakes ‘N’ Adders. You are supporting a local family run business. Truly independent and forthright in our opinions on reptile care.

Stay safe. Stay Sensible.

Team S’N’A




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Welcome to Sheffield's Premier Reptile Centre. Charles & Paul Thompson welcome you to South Yorkshire's healthiest and most diverse herpetological collection. Enjoy your stay, and come back soon. Our stock lists change almost daily.


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Over the years Snakes 'N' Adders have forged great working relationships with some of the industries finest manufacturers and suppliers. This allows us to offer a wide range of professional and applicable dry goods at competitive prices. You wont find gimmicks here just products that work and are of benefit to the animal or to make a keepers life easier.

Charles & Paul Thompson have a combined knowledge of Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertibrates spanning over 72 years!! Any questions, problems or projects can be helped along by the vast understanding of the subject cultivated over the years.

Snakes'N'Adders prides itself on all facets of the service it provides including a DEFRA registered courier service so no-one nationwide has to miss out.

Live food suppliers are ten a penny. When we set out to make a business partnership with a supplier we were looking for both high quality and high quantity produce. We insisted on flexibility of service allowing for up to four deliveries a week to ensure only the freshest tubs are on our shelves. Finally we demanded double quantity tubs of locusts to try and offer outstanding value for money to our customers.

Locally Unrivalled knowledge & service

Wide Range of Dry goods

Only the highest quality foods

It's not a hobby, it's a life style.


Sheffield's Premier Reptile Centre