Sheffield's Premier Reptile Centre



- NEW LIVESTOCK THIS WEEK AT SHEFFIELD'S PREMIER REPTILE CENTRE INCLUDES: We have had a large shipment of Leopard Gecko morphs arrived from our good friends at Cambridge Geckos. These geckos are of fantastic quality.

If you are looking for the perfect pet species of reptile to keep than look no further than this tame, hardy species which is available in a variety of colours. We work closely with only the very best UK breeders to make sure the stock you buy is healthy of good lineage

and will be problem free pets. Snakes 'N' Adders can offer you a huge range of livestock, all maintained to our exacting standards. Take a look through the live stock section of the website to see some of the wonderous animals we have available.



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Welcome to Sheffield's Premier Reptile Centre. Charles & Paul Thompson welcome you to South Yorkshire's healthiest and most diverse herpetological collection. Enjoy your stay, and come back soon. Our stock lists change almost daily.

See you soon ! - Chaz and Paul

Over the years Snakes 'N' Adders have forged great working relationships with some of the industries finest manufacturers and suppliers. This allows us to offer a wide range of professional and applicable dry goods at competitive prices. You wont find gimmicks here just products that work and are of benefit to the animal or to make a keepers life easier.

Charles & Paul Thompson have a combined knowledge of Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertibrates spanning over 60 years!! Any questions, problems or projects can be helped along by the vast understanding of the subject cultivated over the years.

Snakes'N'Adders prides itself on all facets of the service it provides including a DEFRA registered courier service so no-one nationwide has to miss out.

Live food suppliers are ten a penny. When we set out to make a business partnership with a supplier we were looking for both high quality and high quantity produce. We insisted on flexibility of service allowing for up to four deliveries a week to ensure only the freshest tubs are on our shelves. Finally we demanded double quantity tubs of locusts to try and offer outstanding value for money to our customers.

Unrivalled knowledge & service

Wide Range of Dry goods

Only the highest quality foods

It's not a hobby, it's a life style.